Thank you to everyone who entered the Team Event. Welcome to all the new players, hope they had a great day and enjoyed their games.

The winning team Spooky’s 1972; 2nd Creepy’s 1965; 3rd Scary’s 1929; and 4th Eerie’s 1889. 

There was 83 points between 1st and last team from a total of 72 games (2232 points).

At end of Session 1: Spooky’s 632; Creepy’s 634; Eerie’s 647; Scary’s 661 with 29 points between 1st and last. At end of session 2 after crossovers there was 27 points between 1st and last. With Scarys on 1313; Spookys 1305; Eeries 1288; Creepys 1286. With an upset in 3rd Session where some players must have fatigued: Scary’s 307 v Creepy’s 357 and Spooky’s 345 v Eerie’s 292.  All crossovers were close: S1: 318/322; S2: 315/331; S3: 322/309.

Players individual scores are recorded next to their name and in bold for the player with the highest score on their line. The maximum points a player could receive was 279.

TEAM EVENT Results Saturday 30th October 2021

Closed TEAM EVENT Results Saturday 30th October 2021

Winning Team (Spooky’s): Paul, Jian, Tanya, Anne-Marie, Amber, David, Keith, Leo.
Absent: Sumit, Tristan, Rene and Josh.