Thank you to everyone who entered the Team Event. Welcome to all the new players, hope they had a great day and enjoyed their games.

The winning team Carltons 2047; 2nd Yonexs 1976; 3rd Victors 1950; and 4th Fleets 1926.

The overall scores weren’t as close as hoped however with a few last minute withdrawals makes it hard to balance teams at short notice. Players individual scores are recorded next to their name and in bold for the player with the highest score on their line. Players who didn’t play all their games had their scores averaged and marked with ( ). The maximum points a player could receive was 279.

TEAM EVENT Results 20th March 2021

Closed TEAM EVENT Results 20th March 2021

Winning Team (Carltons): Humphrey, Sumit, Priscilla, Trent, Leng, Amber, Molly, Jian, Manoj, Mark, Tristan (Absent Guru).