Thank you to everyone who entered the Team Event. Welcome to Bien, Goni

and Anthony for their first team event, hope they had a great day and enjoyed their games.

The winning team Pocketful of S’shine 1980; 2nd Walking on S’shine 1969; 3rd You are my S’shine 1966; and 4th Cover me in S’shine 1956.  (Songs about Sunshine seen we’ve had lots of rain lately).

There was 24 points between 1st and last team from a total of 72 games.

At end of Session 1: Pocketfuls 676; Walking 671; You are 648; Cover 621. End of session 2: Pocketfuls 1328; Walking 1327; You are 1288; Cover 1279. 3rd session the 2 bottom teams played the 2 top teams and both bottom teams beat the top teams.  Crossovers were close: S1: 339/306; S2: 335/310; S3: 333/331.

Players individual scores are recorded next to their name and in bold for the player with the highest score on their line. Congratulations to Guru and Yen who scored maximum points 279. Players scores have been averaged () when they didn’t play all games.

Closed TEAM EVENT Results Saturday 28th May 2022

TEAM EVENT Results Saturday 28th May 2022

Winning Team (Pocketfuls of Sunshine): Tristan, Basil, Julie, Heidi, Jack C, Terry, Carol, Anna.
Absent: Jimmy, Mark, Goni, Angelina.